Design Portfolio

Project: ReplayTV
Scope: Product Design; User Interface; Graphics
Timeframe: 1998

The ReplayTV was part of the first wave of Digital Video Recorders, being released within a month of TiVo.

As part of the engineering group, I was the Product Designer for ReplayTV and was in charge of all the User Interface design. I developed all major features of the ReplayTV UI and created the art production process for all graphics. I created all of the graphics for the first two software versions. As the company and software grew, I headed up our User Interface group, supervising several artists and designers developing various aspects of the UI. I also consulted heavily with other teams on all aspects of the product including documentation, packaging, remote control design, website, and advertising materials. I also headed up the development of Replay Zones.

ReplayTV's graphics engine supported only 256 color color-lookup-table graphics. The UI itself used 64 of those colors with the rest reserved for advertising. This why the entire UI is made up of shades of blue.

ReplayTV Splash Screen

Sample of ReplayTV UI : Find Shows
(note: screenshots do not include the cursor highlight)

Sample of ReplayTV UI : Record Options Dialog
(note: screenshots do not include the cursor highlight)

Skinable UI color palettes:
Although the UI only used 64 colors, an unreleased feature allowed users to swap those color tables out in order to choose from a variety of User Interface colors and brightness.

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