Design Portfolio

Project: Moxi Media Guide
Scope: User Interface; Prototyping
Timeframe: 2000

The Moxi Media Center is an all-in-one set top box that serves as a DVD player, DVR, MP3 player, and a video distribution server. I served as a UI designer on the project, in charge of an all-in-one "media browser" prototype that organized all media under one menu system.

The prototype displayed on a TV and was controlled by remote, providing a convincing user experience that looked and felt like a finished product. The menu structure could be quickly reconfigured to test alternate menu layouts and graphics without changing code. It played video, displayed channel guide data, and was a fully functioning MP3 player. It served as a test bench for new UI concepts, and was also adopted by Business Development as a demo tool.

The "Media Guide" UI design featured a cascading menu system that could slide in specialized UI. Here you can see the linear menu on the left is revealing the standard grid-based channel guide on the right. I headed up prototype creation; I didn't create the graphics in these designs.

The Moxi Media Center's debut UI: At CES 2002 Rearden Steel/Moxi revealed the Moxi Media Center featuring this "Media Guide" UI which consolidated TV, Music, DVD and more into one scrolling UI.




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