User Experience and Game Design For
Consumer Electronics

Feel free to ask me anything about any of these. Better descriptions coming soon.

Walt Disney Imagineering: User experience design, game design, and programming for Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, and Mission Training, both in Epcot theme park. Game design and User experience for interactive music site

Google: User Experience designer for Google TV.

Netflix: Television streaming user experience design and prototyping, as implemented on Roku, Playstation, Wii, etc.

ReplayTV: Product designer and founding team member for world's first DVR ReplayTV.

Bose: Conceptual design for undisclosed audio/video products at Bose.

Moxi: User Experience for the Moxi Media Center set top box from Digeo.

Macromedia: Conceptual user experience design for the precursor to Dreamweaver (known as Backstage at the time; from the startup iBand that was purchased by Macromedia).

Roku: User Experience design, graphics, and web design for Roku's flagship products: SoundBridge and PhotoBridge, plus UX for original Netflix streaming (see above.)


Misc Cool Stuff

Smuggler's Cove Rum Bar : logo design, menu layout and illustration, and swizzle stick design, and interactive puzzle/promotion for their launch.

Forbidden Island TikI Lounge: Menu illustration, drink coaster design, and programming and design for their custom touchscreen jukebox.

Snaplux: Designed and programmed Snaplux, a streamlined tool for adding photos to a blog. handles cropping, resizing, ftping, and writing the HTML for you.


Old Portfolio

Sorry there's no photos or more detailed descriptions for the projects listed here, but they're coming ... someday. Until then you can check out the pretty pictures from my old portfolio pages.

View -- with patience and understanding -- my old portfolio.


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