Game sales statistics for Chronic Logic's Gish

Gish LogoEver wonder how much a great indie game can make? Josiah from Chronic Logic posted the financial stats to their 2d physics platformer Gish, and it's quite a fascinating read. Here's an excerpt:

Sales from per year:
2004: 2587
2005: 1335
2006: 449
2007: 140 (through April)
Misc others sales: 10

Total Sales: 4521

Price: $19.95 USD

Quite interesting, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The post discusses how they promoted the game, the awards it won, and what they could have done better. Overall I'm a bit suprised that the sales numbers are as low as they are considering the amount of press it got (great reviews, IGF awards, etc). But bravo to Chronic Logic for releasing their numbers. It's rare we get this kind of insight about a well-received game like Gish. Check out the full announcement over at the Game Tunnel Indie News forums.
There is an expanded article about the Gish sales figures over at


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Marty wrote:   
Shouldn't they have also counted Sony's LocoRoco revenues? ;-)
Juuso - Game Producer wrote: also covered this story, with additional information about conversion rates and others (that are not mentioned elsewhere):

Perhaps update your blog entry? :)
darrelplant wrote:   
Did you notice that they released the stats for one of their other games last January:;f=32;t=929
RohoMech wrote:, I was really shocked to see how much effort and time went into those sales...and Gish is a pretty good game.

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