iPod: The crappiest volume control in the world

I just read about a lawsuit filed against Apple stating that the iPod can damage your hearing and that Apple has not done enough to protect against it.

I kinda agree. But not for the reasons stated in the article.

The iPod has the crappiest volume control in the world. When you're in a menu, you can't change the volume. So, if a quiet song ends and a loud song starts, you get a blast of loud sound in your skull. you can pause it, or rip the ear buds out of your ears, but my contention is reaching for that non-existant volume control would be my impulse reaction.

I sure hope that comes up during the lawsuit. It's silly to not have a volume knob on the iPod.

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Charles wrote:   
We live in day and age where bigger is better and every stereo, Discman, and MP3 player is capable of reaching ear piercing levels that no one in their right mind uses. When was the last time you were sitting in your home and turned your component stereo system or TV to full blast? Just because your component stereo system can reach 150 decibels does not mean that you have to turn it up that loud. Why not? Because it hurts your God damn ears! Apple does not have to limit the level of output on an iPod, because I have my own safety system, its called my ears, when it hurts I know it is too loud.

This seems like a perfect time to leak my idea for the bullshit button to the public. What we do is implement a Press Your Luck plunger type button in front of every Judge in America, and when people bring laughable money grubbing type cases in front of our legal system the Judge just hits the button. Once the button is pressed and a sound byte yells out bullshit at 115 decibels for 29 seconds (to prevent hearing loss) and the case is tossed out of the legal system case closed.

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