Proactive visuals for inspiration

I gave a GDC talk titled "Proactive Visuals for Inspiration" at GDC 2012, and I wanted to post a bit about great sources for images like the ones I showed. 

First off, I invite everyone who is interested to browse images and suggest your own images at:

I intend this to be a great place for designers and programmers to share their favorite images and to be inspired. 

I also wanted to share more infomation about the images I showed in the presentation: 

Soviet monument

The sovient monument I showed is part of a series of monunements, a ton of which can be found here

Street art

The colorful mural was from Matt W Moore, and you can find the piece I showed here. Check out an image search for even more great pieces from him. 

Giant marionettes

The giant marionettes are from the Royal De Luxe theatre company, and there is a ton of great images and also video.  

Gas mask armageddon preparedness society

I can't find the source for this image, but I've hosted it here. 


Futuristic boxed apartments

The building is called Habitat 67 from the  Expo 67 World's Fair in Montreal. 


Recursion comic

The recursive comic is called Freaking Vortex and comes from the Perry Bible Fellowship

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